Oct 04 2017

Puriyatha Puthir

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Vijay Sethupathi’s stardom is in a rather mystifying phase. After steadily rising up the ranks with several BO hits, the audience response and his charisma saw many critics and observers anointing him a superstar after Vikram Vedha. But the actor is appearing in so many movies that most of his movies still hit the screens without the hype or publicity that one associates with a film from a leading actor. Puriyatha Puthir is one such film (while production delays could have contributed to the lack of interest surrounding Puriyatha Puthir, even as I’m writing this review, another VS film Karuppan has already been released and hasn’t created any noticeable ripples).

Like Lens, Puriyatha Puthir is also a film about the dangers of voyeurism – particularly the increasingly prevalent problem of videos being disseminated and the devastating consequences to the unwitting participants. It is a timely and topical issue though the film’s screenplay prevents it from being as hard hitting as Lens.

Kathir(Vijay Sethupathi) is an aspiring music director who also runs a music store that is owned by his friend. It is at the store that he meets Meera(Gayathrie), a music teacher. Their romance is sweet with both casual conversations and light-hearted flirting – mostly from Kathir. VS shows us that he can be a convincing romantic lead also and as always, conveys his feelings, whether its giddiness after a phone call or mock pouting after he is rebuffed, with subtle expressions.

The troubles start when Kathir gets a sexy photo of Meera and quickly escalate as he gets more vulgar videos. Meera too gets the feeling that she is being stalked at her apartment complex. Meera’s situation is scary and Kathir’s paranoia feels real as he desperately tries to find the person sending these messages. The film doesn’t have too many characters to function as suspects and that dilutes some of the suspense but it does create curiosity about who is targeting Kathir(the bit on the bridge is particularly nasty) and what their motivations are and that keeps us involved.

The reveal is a very good surprise and the director does a good job by sidetracking us in a somewhat abrupt and disappointing manner before the actual twist. But the obligatory flashback that follows isn’t that successful. First it asks us to swallow a pretty big contrivance about a character having absolutely no memory of another character. And second, with the major suspense already broken, it takes too long to tell a story that we are easily able to guess a short while into the flashback.

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  1. Prakash Rao says:

    Yes, the VS story is very unusual. He is cranking out so many movies, I can’t even keep track of the names any more. The overall quality has gone down a bit, especially since the bar has been set higher. And I guess he doesn’t have the surprise factor any more. But it’s still very surprising that none of his movies has been complete trash.

    He does run the risk of overexposure and fading away. But guess what? Even if he doesn’t make one more good movie, in just 5-6 years, he has already exceeded the number of good/great movies made by our stars like Ajith, Vijay, Vikram, Surya COMBINED!! :-) That’s amazing.

    How can this guy land so many decent projects in such a short span, when most other stars struggle to make 1-2 good movies once every few years?!

  2. Jordan says:

    I didn’t see this yet, but I saw Lens, and it creeped me out. The way the cyber bully was stalking the protagonist, and the fact that it could be any one of us was well presented by the director.

  3. Prasad says:

    I guess the best part of VS is he is a no frills guy. Not trapped under any “image”. That gives him immense freedom to try n experiment almost right from his first movie, though sometimes they go awry. Something Kamal had to wait for decades before he could try. I was really concerned about his Sethupathi movie being the typical commercial. Thankfully it ended there. Am pretty much looking forward to his “Super Deluxe” movie, considering its impressive Cast & Director

  4. Jordan says:

    I’m looking forward to Super Deluxe too, in fact, that would’ve been the perfect follow-up to Vikram Vedha, but instead, he just had to have this Puriyadha Pudhir and the awful Karuppan.

  5. Balaji says:

    Prakash, as Prasad said the lack of an image is what is helping VS find these interesting roles in interesting movies. He has done masala films like Rekka and Sethupathi but he is mixing things up instead of being stuck in a rut. He looks like he is out to make hay while the sun shines with so many movies.

    Jordan, yes Lens was certainly unsettling. Puriyatha Puthir isn’t in the same category though and feels more like an entertainer while Lens felt like a cautionary tale.

    Prasad, yes Super Deluxe is certainly on top of the list of movies I’m looking fwd to considering how fantastic Aaranya Kaandam was. And that still of Shilpa has certainly piqued my curiosity :)