Dec 14 2017

Nenjil Thunivirunthal

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Suseenthiran is one of our more versatile directors switching easily between romance, drama and action films. His thrillers like Paandiyanaadu and Paayum Puli had a bigger star in Vishal but still managed to be quite grounded without getting mired in commercial masala. In Nenjil Thunivirunthal, he goes with a couple of actors with a lot less star wattage and delivers another watchable thriller.

The movie starts off looking like another one(after Mersal) about the medical practice as Kumar(Sundeep) loses his father on the operating table because of a doctor’s mistake. But that’s not the main thrust of the movie(medical malpractice does figure in the proceedings later but is brought in through a different route) and is only brought up in passing much later. Instead we meet Mahesh(Vikranth), Kumar’s friend, who has earned a few enemies because of his habit of questioning injustice.

Mahesh is ultimately responsible for both the film’s drama and thrills. He and Kumar’s sister Anuradha are secretly in love. The three aspects of this, the friendship, the sibling relationship and the romance, are handled without any melodrama and so the track doesn’t have the loudness of the proceedings in Kannedhire Thondrinaal, which was based on the same conflict. Only Thulasi, playing Kumar and Anu’s mother, leans towards being melodramatic but this works since it makes the situation more dramatic when it precipitates.

With Mahesh earning his share of enemies, the film moves easily into low-key thriller territory as we see Duraipandi(Harish Uthaman) go after him. There are a couple of interesting situations brought on by mixed identities but the big twist that comes later is a good surprise even if it is brought about in a roundabout way. Beyond this, things are resolved in a predictable and cinematic manner as Kumar turns into an action hero, thanks to his unbreakable hold on others.

The mix of drama and thrills should’ve been enough for the movie but Suseendran for some reason saw the need to lighten up the proceedings. As a result we get some painful scenes inserted solely for laughs. This comedy is scattered with a couple of bits about Soori as a henpecked husband, an auto driver who Sundeep saves from suicide and who then shows up at a couple of inopportune times, etc. Absolutely none of these bits work. Kumar’s romance with Janani(Mehreen) is also awkwardly inserted and never fits in.

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  1. Reza says:

    Always enjoyed suseenthirans screenplay, but thought this movie was made without any passion. Very average movie.

  2. Sandya says:

    Balaji, you do know that Mehreen was edited out fully after the film’s release and Suseendhiran publicly apologized for the same? Sad state of affairs! Oru well-versed director like Suseendhiranukku final producta paarthaa, heroine/comedy oththu varaadhu-nu theriya vendaamaa? Why do all this after the film is released? I guess it is fashionable to do this and claim that it makes it racier! Whatever! :(

  3. Balaji says:

    Reza, I agree. The film kept me watching but there was not much energy in the proceedings.

    Sandya, I remember reading that. It just shows the sad state of affairs when it comes to the heroine’s role in most of our movies. When the heroine can be edited out without impacting the story, it goes to show how much care was put into her characterization to begin with. And this is a movie with a well-known director and actors who are not big stars!