Jan 10 2018

Thiruttu Payale 2

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Thiruttu Payale was interesting because it had a protagonist who wasn’t morally upright and was characterized with broad shades of gray. He was a romantic at heart but he wasn’t averse to blackmailing people to earn quick money. Its director Susi, went on a hiatus after the disastrous big-budget Kanthasamy venturing out only to helm Shortcut Romeo, the Hindi remake of Thiruttu Payale. Back after a break, he follows the same formula as in Thiruttu Payale and keeps things interesting, at least for a while, by giving us multiple characters who are on shaky moral ground and engineering a battle of wits between them in the sequel-in-name-only Thiruttu Payale 2.

Selvam(Bobby Simha) labels himself an “honest corrupt” cop. We learn later that he was an idealistic, honest cop when he started out and was assigned the job of eavesdropping on phone conversations between the high and mighty(his journey isn’t charted with any depth but the romance is cute even though it is shown in bits and pieces). But the frequent transfers and pressure have transformed him into a cop who has since started using what he learns during those conversations to get some substantial monetary gain(he is like the anti-Spyder!). This side of him is something he hides from everyone, including his wife Agalvilakku(Amala Paul, who has acted a bit more glamorously compared to her previous roles). For her part, Agal is addicted to Facebook and dreams of a richer lifestyle, even if it means her husband isn’t as straightforward as she thinks he is.

The film has a rather cynical view of people in general. Selvam graduates to listening in on the phone calls of people close to him and learns that pretty much everyone has secrets of their own, some more damning than the others(the visualization on the street, when Selvam sees animal heads on people waiting on their bikes at a traffic signal is heavy handed but illustrates his state of mind well). Even the mom, usually treated with reverence in Tamil cinema, isn’t left out.

The biggest shock for Selvam comes when he hears Agal’s voice in one of the conversations and it is only here that the story really starts. He digs into the identity of the person at the other end of the line and finds out about Balakrishnan(Prasanna, showing off the time spent at the gym), a serial seducer who targets women through Facebook. Balakrishnan’s MO to get close to Agal is laid out quite convincingly and Prasanna plays the part with a suaveness that makes him believable. Susi also injects himself into the story by showing up as a private detective who has his own agenda.

Being a cop, Selvam is able to zero in on Balakrishnan. But Balakrishnan has a few tricks up his sleeve and the scene where he reveals his hand is a neat twist. So begins a cat and mouse game between him and Selvam with Agal caught between them. With all three having secrets, the scene where they all meet is staged nicely with Amala in particular, showing the confusion and nervousness well. Balakrishnan gets more creepy and devious with Agal(her name leads to a couple of nice quips) but the film starts to spins its wheels here as the story doesn’t really move forward. Balakrishnan holds the upper hand almost throughout and so the way the film chooses to wrap things up is also a little anti-climactic.

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  1. Reza says:

    Of all current actressess, amala is the best. Her facial expressions body language ate very natural. Nice to see a tamil speaking heroine can act well.

  2. Jordan says:

    Saw some few clips of this on Youtube. Couldn’t make myself watch the entire film, because the atrocity that was Kandasamy couldn’t leave me. But it seemed like a film for current times with the oversharing and eventually overspying by creeps like Prasanna in this film. However, don’t know if it made the same impact as something like, Lens.

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