Feb 05 2018


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After Aval, a pure horror film, Balloon takes Tamil cinema back to the much more popular horror-comedy genre. But unlike most other films in the genre, which were primarily comedies with a sprinkling of horror, Balloon feels more like a horror film than a comedy.

Jeevanandam(Jai) has a script ready to direct his first feature film. But the producer feels that the script could be controversial and asks him to direct a horror flick instead. The protagonist being an aspiring director allows the film to make a few comments about the struggles faced by new directors and the story behind the problems created around the release of some films. As Jeeva begins to script his horror film, the meta aspect is further emphasized as the film follows the rules he lays out for his own horror flick. But this meta aspect is overdone at the end with a needless twist and a shock ending that doesn’t make much sense.

Jeeva, with his wife Jacqueline(Anjali), his brother’s son and two friends(Yogi Babu, Karthik Yogi), goes to a resort that is next to a dilapidated house that has seen some deaths (we know of two of these from the prologue, which in the style of recent Hollywood hit It, had a creepy clown peek out of a cellar and then kill an amorous couple). The comedy is all from Yogi Babu’s interactions with the others. He has a couple of funny lines but most of the jokes are simply comments about his looks and these get tired pretty fast.

The story moves along predictable lines as far as the horror goes. There are scary happenings in the resort and the house, a flashback(Janani has a cameo and Jai gets to play the shy, nervous lover boy he is used to playing) with some tragic happenings  to explain everything and some possessions to wrap things up and serve up revenge. There is no comedy towards the end and the cinematography is suitably moody, creating some nice visuals with the bright clown amidst the dark surroundings(an earlier scene in a mortuary is staged well also). But the serious mood is disrupted with a couple of masala-ish Thala references that the film could’ve done without.

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  1. Reza says:

    Overdose of horror n nothing new. YAVARUM Nalam was the best ever. Rememver Uruvam. Thought it was very scary. Vaa arugil vaa was another. 80s had some decent horrors.