Cast: Sarathkumar, Roja, Sitara, Manivannan, R.Sunderrajan, Vijayakumar
Music: Ilaiyaraja
Direction: R.Chandra

A predictable and mostly boring generic movie which looks and sounds exactly like every other movie ever made in a village setting.

Chinnadurai(Sarathkumar) is the village do-gooder who responds to distress whenever the sufferer rings the bell tied outside their village. During one such incident, he earns the enmity of Ponnambalam(Ponnambalam). Chinnadurai heads a happy family consisting of Maragatham(Sitara) and her father(Manivannan). Pushpavalli(Roja), one of the girls in the village sent to the city to study after her father died, returns and endears herself to Chinnadurai's family.

Chinnadurai is poisoned by Ponnambalam and when he is on his death-bed, a very pregnant Maragatham sings and walks on fire and with God's grace Chinnadurai survives. But Maragatham herself dies after giving birth and Pushpavalli becomes the baby's defacto mother.

When Pushpavalli is on a trip to the city for a debate (where she actually talks about never being the second wife for anyone and praises Chinnadurai for not remarrying) Chinnadurai is convinced by others to agree to wed her. Though shocked, she agrees because of her family's condition. When Chinnadurai realises her distaste for their union, he stays away from her. She remains just a mother to the baby and doesn't say anything even when her friend thinks Chinnadurai is her driver. Whether or not she has a change of heart and why make up the rest of the movie.

Barring one late in the movie, there are no surprises or twists and almost every scene is predictable. This does not make for very engaging viewing.

Sarathkumar and Roja are adequate though their acting abilities aren't stretched too much. Vijayakumar appears briefly as the village headman(Wonder if he's ever gonna get tired of the role). Manivannan has some funny lines but the overall comedy track with him and R.Sunderrajan is not very funny. Ilaiyaraja has scored the music but you wouldn't guess that listening to the songs.