Cast: Prabhu Deva, Keerti Reddy, Ranjit, Sujatha, Vivek, Anand
Music: Deva
Direction: K.Subash

Too many contrived situations spoil this otherwise watchable flick.

Prabhu Deva is one who dances for funerals. Keerti Reddy, daughter of a rich man, runs into him and becomes good friends with him. Prabhu Deva's mom, who hears from a fortune-teller that she would get a rich girl as her daughter-in-law, dreams that Keerti is the one.

Prabhu Deva has no such intentions towards Keerti but is prodded along by his friends and his mom and decides to express his love for her. But when they meet, Keerti speaks highly of his friendship and finally asks him to select her husband. So Prabhu Deva hides his love for her and picks one of the guys (Anand).

Anand and Keerti are engaged. While distributing the marriage invitations, Prabhu runs into an old foe (Ranjit) who is suffering from AIDS. He reveals that he used to visit prostitutes along with Anand and Anand too has the same disease he is suffering from.

In order to stop the wedding, Prabhu Deva tells Anand that Keerti had been immoral but this is overheard by her father who thrashes him and tells him never to see her again. A rather surprising climax ensues.

The director never sets up any situations to explain why Keerti becomes that good friends with Prabhu Deva and this in itself sets up a weak foundation for the rest of the movie. The movie moves along smoothly after this but the climax seems contrived. Too many scenes drag on too long spoiling their impact. Prabhu Deva has kept the dancing to a minimum but emotes well. Pretty Keerti is adequate. Vivek appears in another standard heroine-suitor-comedian role. Deva has tuned some nice tunes with Tirupati Ezhumalai... being very catchy.