A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam

Cast: Vignesh, Uma, Parthiban, Vijayalakshmi, Chinni Jayanth
Music: Deva
Direction: Selvan

It is clear that Vignesh is hoping for the same kind of career graph as Vikram. He has been languishing in the sidelines of Tamil cinema for a long time with some minor roles once in a while, quite like Vikram in his pre-Sethu days. His choice of appearance(tonsured head) and role(a man affected by love) here reveal that he is hoping for his own Sethu with this film. But poor characterization and and a weak climax dash his hopes as the movie is not even close to being in the same league.

Surya(Vignesh) falls in love with Rishaba(Uma) after noticing her social consciousness and his sober, straightforward approach makes her reciprocate his love. In order to determine whether theirs is true love or simply lust posing as love, Rishaba wants them to stay apart for a year. Surya agrees but when he goes looking for her after the year has passed, he hears that she is married and has moved to Tiruchi. He starts hunting for her there and keeps running into Manikandan(Parthiban), who also has a link to Rishaba.

Vignesh beginning to like Uma after watching her being socially conscious is a little different from the usual love-at-first-sight scenarios. But the same fact, coupled with his straightforward approach to revealing his feelings to her, also rob the romance of any cuteness or fun. But one could say this is made up for by Parthiban and Vijayalakshmi. Their meetings are quite sensuous without being terribly vulgar and rival Kamalhassan's similar scenes with his heroines.

Uma's reasoning behind staying apart for one year doesn't make a lot of sense but her dialogs in this scene and the conviction with which she delivers it make it acceptable. The fact that she is married at the end of it doesn't come as a big surprise considering that the romance is a flashback for a sad and angry Vignesh. The movie then becomes a bit monotonous and tiring as Vignesh launches into a search for Uma.

By not revealing the reason why Uma got married, the movie makes sure we are eagerly anticipating the climax. Unfortunately, the climax turns out to be a damp squib. Though the director tries to hide it by not having too many scenes featuring Uma, the scene where she cures her cold makes the climactic twist faily obvious. And seeing events unfold exactly as we expected naturally lessens their impact. The climax also makes Uma look quite silly since she could have easily prevented the turn of events and Vignesh's lament doesn't make much sense either.

Vignesh seems to overact most of the time. Since he is simply looking for revenge and appears mentally stable otherwise, his antics(for instance, the neck twitch a laKamal in Aalavandhaan) and cries seem over the top. Uma looks homely though the cute expressions she tries initially don't seem to fit her too well. Parthiban's nakkal suits the role well while Vijayalakshmi is adequate in a rather interesting character. The fact that the movie was made a few years back is evident from Chinni Jayanth's presence but he has little to do.